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NON Children Of The Black Sun DVDA

NON Children Of The Black Sun DVDA 132155
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Band/Artist NON
Titel Children Of The Black Sun
Format DVDA
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(08/02) Neues Album auf CD (für jeden CD-Player) und DVD-Audio (DD 5.1 & DTS für DVD Player).
01 Arka
02 Black Sun
03 Serpent Of The Heavens
04 Serpents Of The Abyss
05 The Underground Stream
06 The Fountain Of Fortune
07 Son Of The Sun

''Children Of The Black Sun'', Boyd's 12th release on Mute and the follow up to 1999's ''Receive The Flame'', is released on CD and comes packaged with the added extra of a DVD featuring a 5.1 mix of the music. The first CD release of its kind, when the DVD is played on a 5.1 DVD system, the eerie nature of the album takes new form. Be warned: don't turn the lights off - Boyd is all around!

Try to imagine a soundworld of limpid, undulating noise where the orchestral textures of Holst's The Planets and the distortions of the Velvet Underground can coexist. Something like Wagner remixed by David Lynch perhaps, and you may be getting close to this CD, an unusual and eerily beautiful new album from Boyd Rice: one of the most controversial and uncompromising pioneers of the US Industrial Noise scene.

Perhaps the album's inspiration in the arcane world of Gnosticism has something to do with this new mellowing - or is the unexpected precisely what we should expect from the mercurial Mr Rice? Whatever the case, there's no doubt that it's an exceptional piece of work whether in CD form or even more so, the immersive world of surround-sound DVD.

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