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God's Bow What's Beyond The Suns CD

God's Bow What's Beyond The Suns CD 130988
Best.Nr. 130988
Band/Artist God's Bow
Titel What's Beyond The Suns
Format CD
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(03/02) A Polish band in Release - that's rare, I can tell you. Stettin's God's Bow is just one of many East European bands determined to win the hearts of people worldwide. The scene is alive and moving in a lot countries, we never heard of in the past. New people and ideas is just what we need. Poland is likely to play a larger and larger part ahead, because of its size, position and people.Since 1997, God's Bow have released a previous album via Dion Fortune in 1998 as well as appeared on numerous compilations, live stages and magazine pages. They now shine as one of the brightest Polish stars. The new album ''What's Beyond the Suns'' immediately wins me over with it's etno ambient electronics in the school of Dead Can Dance and Bel Canto (two of my ''house bands''). Beauty, emotions and atmosphere are keywords when Agnieszka Kornet and Key P embark on a serious musical and philosophical journey. The songs with vocals leave more to desire, mostly since they are too loud in the sound picture. This album has lots of moments, even though it's hardly perfect. But give God's Bow more time to grow. Then, who knows what can happen. I believe there is room for more talented bands in this genre.

01 Between
02 Clear
03 Beyond The Suns
04 Tired
05 Interstellar Absolution
06 Promise
07 Voice
08 Persephone
09 Unrealistic Dream
10 Moment Of Us

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Best.Nr. 130988